Alternative Energy

I really enjoyed this article on alternative energy from the blog “Grist.” Considering the state of alternative energy sources worldwide with statistics rather than pure speculation is really cool.

The “Grist” article on alternative energy in the United States.

Having seen fields with thousands of these, I know that the potential to revolutionize the energy industry exists. The Pacific Northwest is the perfect part of the country to utilize hydroelectric, wind and solar all in one place; particularly the windy plateau between the Cascade and Rocky mountains. I am curious to see the existing and planned energy market for the Cascadia bio-region. I need a good statistical project and I think this would be a decent task. seems to be a good place to start. The Dept. of Energy has a horrible layout/navigation but I did find a bunch of links to data from the open-government page. And of course the census website has tons of information freely available to the public.

Give me a few days to a week and I’ll have post something about energy development in the Pacific NW.

For now, just enjoy this photoset I took in 2009 of wind farms and John Day dam near Rufus, OR.

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