Asteroid.Ventures (Cosmosium Engine) Relaunches!

The Initial Vision

(Prior to the NASA SpaceApps Challenge Hack-a-thon in April)

Firstly, in case you didn’t follow the original project launch in April, we created the Cosmosium Engine in Github as part of the NASA SpaceApps Challenge. Our project did not win, but was nominated as a People’s Choice Finalist. You can read all about the experience in our the original blog I wrote. Moreover, here’s the initial the video which I launched to find contributors.

Re-Launching the Project!

(Getting the group back together to attain new goals)

Now we are starting the project anew! Here is the hangout we had today (6/28), starting to get the product initiative relaunched after recieving funding through SpaceGambit! Don’t waste 3 hours on this though unless you want to listen to endless bantering about space elevators! Come join us instead at Asteroid.Ventures!